Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1989 Flashback

In three more days, I will be attending my 20-year high school reunion.   Yes, 1989, many years before the Internet, cell phones, and DVDs and iPods.  CDs were just coming into vogue (I didn't get my CD player until 1991, however).  MTV still played music videos and TBS was carrying "Brady Bunch" and "Sanford and Son" reruns.  God, I loved watching that stuff!   I was in my first semester of college when the Loma Prieta Earthquake struck in October of 1989.  I missed three days of school because of this disaster. 

I can't believe that all this was 20 years ago!  Time does fly (who hasn't heard that phrase many times?)

My high school's mascot is one that might seem unusual to many people outside of Hollister, California.  We're the Haybalers, or Balers for short.  Read this archived article from Sports Illustrated in 1986 by a staff writer who once attended San Benito High School. 

Below is the cover of our yearbook from the 1988-89 school year.  

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