Thursday, August 27, 2009

A rather disturbing costume

According to this blogger:

"The Halloween selection at thrift stores is always a little depressing. There’s the beatup and never used vampire makeup kit still clinging to the backing card. There’s the 342 baby costumes of Winnie the Pooh and a bunny rabbit. There’s 14 VHS copies of the Olsen twins’ Double Double Toil and Trouble. There is the odd Minnesota State Fair cloth cowboy hat that was thrown in with the Halloween crap. And then there’s the school-age kids who are either poor or just have bad parents, dispiritedly trying to find some sort of passable costume that will fit.

But today I found something different. I found a Halloween costume that is scary indeed, but for all the wrong reasons."

After reading this post, I felt compelled to look for similar scenarios at different thrift stores. I didn't expect to see much until maybe September, but one thrift store in my town has had Halloween items since June.  These are in the back area of the store, and just the other day I spotted near the store register another round of Halloween items.  A box of hats including  a fluffy pink pimp and hoes hat, a witch hat with a bright pink wig attached, and some odd hat made from some kind of wires that was thrown in with the Halloween hats and that was snagging to the wig on the witch hat.  And somehow several pairs of khaki shorts got thrown with these hats as well!  Nearby were two racks with used costumes missing parts or two, one or two of those odd pumpkin pajama-like costumes for infants,  and sweatshirts and men's short decorated with skulls and pumpkins.  A scenario somewhat similar to that quoted above.   And like that blogger quoted above, I found something different the other day, something rather disturbing and likely to make one gag.  

Funny Adult Costume Fart-O-Meter, 02187225

The  Fart-o-Meter  and how stupid does that sound?  And to think a customer placed second in a contest with this thing!  Obviously someone thought this was a good idea if they bought it one year and donated it the thrift store.  I'm beginning to wonder how this escaped being on this list.   Sounds  a lot worse than anything you could put on a pet,  and as bad as--if not worse than--many of the others listed.  

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