Monday, August 17, 2009

A Disturbing Idea for Halloween

Halloween is more than two months away, but you can expect to see the Halloween stuff arriving in stores soon, if not already.  And  some may have already decided on how to alter their identity for the one day of the year that we can do so, while others may still be deciding.  

Halloween costumes range from the traditional witches, vampires, black cats, clowns, pirates and such.  But there are also these each year that seem to be inspired by current or recent events, films, books and by celebrities currently in the media.  It's already believed that Michael Jackson will be a popular one this year.  And this link  suggests honoring Farrah Fawcett as well. But I don't expect to see  a lot of people being Farrah, except maybe a few who are old enough to remember her days on "Charlie's Angels."    And there may be just a few who feel the desire to be the late Oxi Clean pitchman Billy Mays. Some might find this one hard to imagine, but it's actually been done by someone last year in the photo below. There is even a Costumezee idea for making a Billy Mays costume.

Billy Mays! by Tyler Jacobs.
[I think this guy did a pretty good job as Billy Mays :-)]

Today, however I saw this idea which seems a whole lot more scary than Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett or Billy Mays.  And scary for the wrong reasons.

The Octomom is being depicted in this rather disturbing (IMHO) costume pictured below:

Octomom Costume Creeps Me Out


Here's how to make this one.  And there is an actual Octomom costume for sale.  And there are a couple ideas I encountered that are similar in theme to this idea: Trailor Park Tina and Baby Factory.

And the link to the above picture says that the Octomom idea creeps them out and the wasted Ernie in the background is just icing on the cake.  I can't imagine seeing the Octomom alongside Michael Jackson, Farrah fawcett or Billy Mays, if any of these should turn up somewhere together on Halloween 2009.  A scary thought indeed, IMHO.

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