Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Valentine's????

Every holiday seems to come earlier every year in the stores.  Only the first five days of December have passed and at work we are already receiving Valentine's Day items?  It's not even Christmas yet!  Of course we received Halloween items  in July and began receiving Christmas in September and even before the calendar switched to October, Christmas displays were overtaking the Halloween ones.  And very few Thanksgiving decorations were sold (hidden between Halloween and Christmas items),  hence everyone's belief that everyone has forgotten that holiday.    I have yet to check to see what date Easter occurs on next year--how much sooner before those arrive?  And don't even get started on St. Patrick's Day, please!

Even getting Valentines in January seems too early (I seem to remember this being true when I worked at Dollar Tree),  but in December?  People were still buying Christmas tree ornaments today! And I have not yet gotten any of the few Christmas presents I need to get.   How many of you have gotten all your Christmas presents yet?  

I mean really--who is thinking about Valentine's Day right now?  I can see thinking about New Year's right now, since that's only only one week after Christmas.   But are Valentine candles and candy going to get sold out two months ahead of time?   Seriously...!

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