Friday, December 18, 2009

Thrift Store Holiday Item Mixups

Why is that thrift stores mix up items from different holidays in their displays? See this blog entry on misplaced items in the Halloween sections in thrift stores. And during Halloween season I spotted one of those coiled mini Christmas trees in a Halloween display at a nearby Salvation Army store. It's in this entry on my blog.

And now I'm seeing Halloween items mixed in with the Christmas items display at the local Goodwill store. Two such odd items were Halloween Fortune telling kits and Halloween Charades kits. These are pictured in the photo on the left. My town's Goodwill carries items from Target, so these things might have been at Target at some point during Halloween season, but I did not notice any such things then, not that I was looking.

Bags of Halloween candy are also in the Christmas display. Is this stuff even still edible after nearly two months? Sure, they start stocking Halloween candy in stores as early as the end of August, but does anyone buy it that early if they're not planning on eating it all themselves? Don't most people wait until a day or two before Halloween to buy candy they plan to give to kids who come to their door? Certainly no one wants to buy candy now that they're going to distribute to random kids 10 months from now.

And just what can these Halloween things be? They look like an eyeball-shaped decoration in the photo (I did not catch what they were when glancing at things in the store and shooting the pictures).

What's next-- leftover boxes of Christmas cards getting tossed in with the boxes of Valentines for kids?

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