Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thoughts on the Day After Christmas

I hope that everyone had a good Christmas, whatever you did for the event. My family celebrates on Christmas Eve, so we don't do much on the actual day. But mine was all right. Whatever you do, you should make it fun for you. And I sure hope that you did.

Still have yet to use the gift cards I got for Target and Walmart. I have to go out of town for Walmart and am not much into that idea on rainy days. it began raining off and on today and it is expected to do so again tomorrow. We have a Target in the town where I live, but I was a little fearful of the after-Christmas crowds that might have been there. I don't like driving in rain when it's not necessary to do so.

For the gift exchange at work I got a gift card for Blockbuster. I've not rented from them since I've been a member of Netflix. It was therefore a bit awkward going to a video store and having to get the DVDs back on time. I still have some money on the gift card and will have to use it. I tried Redbox once last year when I got a free rental coupon at Safeway, and it too was hard to get back into the mode of having to return a video on time, instead of dropping into the mail whenever I want or am able to do so.

I will see how things go tomorrow. It's been like a mini-vacation (I've been off since Christmas Eve) and will have to get back into the mode of waking up early again on Monday. I don't yet know if I'll be working on New Year's this year.

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