Monday, January 25, 2010

Bubble Wrap Anniversary

So today is the 50th anniversary of bubble wrap.   I've been hearing this since yesterday.  If not for the news, I might have never have known this.   Like a lot of people, I've never been able to fight the addiction of popping bubble wrap.  Many find the stuff  a source of amusement and as a  way to alleviate stress.  Yeah, that seems to be true.  Kind of makes me wish I had some bubble wrap right now to pop in honor of the anniversary.   Nor did I know until today that "Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day" is celebrated on the last Monday in January.  

We get stuff at work wrapped in bubble wrap.  In order not to waste time as I open the boxes of merchandise,  I might briefly pop a bubble before tossing the stuff in the trash.  

Bubble wrap is an irresistible pop icon says this publication.  "Pop" seemingly used in more than one sense of the word. I couldn't agree more.  The above links lists some quirky uses of bubble wrap:
  • •Fruit protector - Place sheets of Bubble Wrap on the bottom of a refrigerator's crisper compartment to protect fruit and vegetables from bruising. •Winterize pipes - Wrap pipes using Bubble Wrap and string or rubber bands to prevent freezing. •Windshield protector - Cover the glass with Bubble Wrap to prevent overnight ice buildup. •Camping tent buffer - Place a layer of Bubble Wrap on the ground before staking your tent. The layer will help block moisture and add a layer of padded comfort - not to mention a rude awakening when you roll over in your sleep. •Drink cozy - Use tape and Bubble Wrap to make a soda-"pop" can cozy that will keep your drink colder for longer. Athletic padding - Use it to protect knees, elbows or backsides when learning to skateboard, ski, bike or other fall-down activity. Down side - if you're a klutz, everyone within earshot will know it.
Pretty weird, IMHO.  Would never have considered any of those things. 

And did you now that "Bubble Wrap" was actually a proper name that came to be improperly used used as a generic term like Kleenex, Crock Pot or Band-Aid?  And that "Bubble Wrap" was originally supposed to be marketed as wallpaper?  See the link in the first paragraph. 

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