Thursday, January 7, 2010

An Education

 An EducationI have been wanting to see this movie since I first heard about it last summer. I knew it would not be a regular-run film at my local movie theater, but it seems a possible candidate for their Wednesday Cinema Arts series. The cinema arts series is on hold in winter and summer due to many major films being released on Wednesdays during those seasons. I asked about the series last night when I went to see "It's Complicated." They said the series will be back, but they aren't yet sure when or what films they will get.  This would be a good one to show, along with "Precious," another film I would like to see without having to go out of town. I also happen to know someone who wants to see that one.  Currently both films are being shown at a Monterey, California theater that shows mainly art films, but it's been hard for me to go far out of town recently. I live in Hollister, California,  about 40 miles from Monterey, and this is the closest showing right now, other than those in San Jose or San Francisco.  I'm torn as to whether to try going out of town for this or waiting  to see if it arrives at my theater.  If it does, it will only be on for one week. Only one art film is shown each week.  I can't stand the possibility of going out of my way to see this and then finding it at my theater.  I've only been to one of these art films showings so far. This was last October when they showed "(500) Days of Summer."  That was a pretty good film.   Those of us in my hometown should have a chance to see art films and this series makes a good opportunity for that.  This movie should be one of the ones that comes to my town's cinema arts showings.  

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