Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What is Your Karaoke Theme Song?

An other instance of these quiz results coming the opposite of  what is actually true. I don't like any of those songs.  And I do like "Candle in the Wind" or anything by Elton John.

Your Karaoke Theme Song is "Baby Got Back"

You're a total show off who is willing to risk looking like a fool to get a few laughs.

In fact, you'll go for the cheap laugh if you need to... because it's better than no reaction!

Your friends can count on you to get a party started, and you'll party hard until you can't remember their names.

You're charismatic, charming, and a total character. With or without a few drinks in you.

You might also sing: "I Touch Myself," "Oops I Did it Again," or "My Humps"

Stay away from people who sing: "Candle in the Wind"

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