Friday, September 24, 2010

It may be the end of summer...

... but it's still sunny where I live.  Then again, it's California and they don't call it "Sunny California" for nothing.  Fall may have started two or three days ago, but I'm not ready to retire my shorts and bring out my socks just yet.  If you live in Cali, don't be surprised to see others doing the same thing.  Who knows how much longer this summer-like weather will last, even though the first day of October is a week from today.   And this weekend, I plan to decorate the outside of my house for Halloween. I'm starting early since the first of October is a Friday and I work each weekday next week; I did the same thing last year since the first was a Thursday then.  Can't believe it's already that time of year.  

The summer here was a bit sunny, but to some it did not feel like summer.  In fact it feels more like summer now (to me at, least) than it did prior to the fall equinox.   And with money getting tight, I did very little this summer, but did get to see several of the summer blockbusters at the theater.  I did little driving out of town, except to work.  

I am now waiting to see how many more sunny days we have.  Weather in the 90-degree range is expected for the next day to two.

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