Sunday, September 26, 2010

Redesigning my page

Temporarily, for the coming month of October, as I will be one of the bloggers participating in the Countdown to Halloween.    I wanted my page to look spooky for the occasion.   I first participated last season (I'd started my blog in December 2008), and enjoyed and am looking forward to doing it again.  I and other participating bloggers will be  posting different Halloween-related entries in the coming month.  I've already  been getting a jump on preparing for the occasion by decorating the outside of my house this weekend, enduring a hot weekend.   I wanted to get them up before the first of next month, but with the first on Friday and with having to work on weekdays, I chose to start this weekend.  I'd done the same thing last year, with the first falling on Thursday and having only weekends off.  The weather was just as hot then as it is this weekend!  

To kick off the countdown, I will  shoot some pictures of my decorations to go up on my blog tomorrow.   Sorry, too tired today and it took me all yesterday afternoon to crumple newspapers for stuffing my bag spider and pumpkins.  My Halloween lights went up today, with some suction cups bought at Dollar Tree. The person at the store had no idea what these things are called, but was able to find them based on my description. 

See all you countdown  participants in the next few days!

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