Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer...

...yet it's September.  It's almost as if we didn't have a summer this year.  It's been warm and sunny enough to wear shorts  yet until the end of August, the weather never seemed to be over 90 degrees. Thankfully in my area of California,  we mostly missed the 100-degree weather mark.  It was that hot several times in 2006 and at least once in 2008 (on the first official day of summer that year, incidentally).   I went to the Seaside-Marina area on the last Thursday in August and it was a bit cold, but then it's near the ocean so it often gets quite breezy in that area.   There were a few days in July on which I felt compelled to out on long pants as  I went with family to a movie on one of those nights.  

It's too bad that it was such a beautiful weekend for the Labor Day Holiday.  I rarely have a three-day weekend from work except when there is a Monday holiday.  Coming home from work on Friday afternoon I began having back pain which had me laid up for most of the weekend.  I most all of Friday afternoon lying on the couch. One thing I did then was watch "Grey Gardens," which I received from Netflix that day and later reading the book "The Lonely Polygamist," which I got almost two weeks ago (am still reading it).  Saturday was more of the same, reading my book and watching DVD while laid up on the sofa again.   I was finally able to get out today to see a doctor, then go to the grocery store.  My back  pain is starting to get better and I have one more day off. Hoping to get better. 

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