Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hi, not much left to say.  I was so out of blogging mode on the weekend and a bit busy. I thus missed  few days of the countdown, but there really wasn't much left to say.   I saw "Puss In Boots" in 3D on Sunday.   I waited until today to get candy for the kids who come to my door tonight, so that I would not eat all the candy myself.  After work, I changed into my Katy Parry costume and ran around town.  Not one person seemed to know who I was.  At one point I was mistaken for Lady Gaga.  Here I ma in the photo on the left with the bar tender and a bar regular at a Halloween celebration at local bar last Friday night.   I was thought by some to be a candy princess or candy fairy or something like that!

I felt like getting a lotto ticket today and picked one up at the Quik Stop across the street and won $13.

Once again, participating in the Halloween blog countdown was quite fun and I plan to do so again in 2012.  Here's hoping things will be different next year.   Till then, everyone have a safe holiday tonight.

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