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2013 Audio Book Challenge

2013 Audio Book Challenge
Welcome to the Original Audio Book Challenge. This challenge is for Audio Book lovers as well as those who are brand new to them.
There are five levels to the challenge
  • Flirting-Listen to 6 Audio Books
  • Going Steady- Listen to 12 Audio Books
  • Lover- Listen to 25 Audio Books
  • Married-Listen to more than 25 Audio Books
  • You Define the Relationship- Create your own challenge (choose your own name and level starting as low or going as high as you’d like)
This is a fairly laid back challenge and I want it to be as enjoyable as possible.
  • Audio Books can be any genre
  • You can cross challenges
  • You don’t have to be a blogger to participate. You can tell us about what you are listening to in the comments of the monthly link up.
There will be a monthly link up so that we can share what we’ve listened to and make suggestions to each other.
I hope I’ve enticed you to join in the 2013 Audio Book Challenge. I’m really looking forward to reading your reviews and experiences over the next year.
Official Challenge dates: 1/1/2013-12/31/2013
Last year, after Googling something, I discovered several reading challenges on several blogs. I then decided to look for some to try for 2013.  Last year I started getting into the idea of audio books. Until last year or so, I'd slacked on reading printed books (and am still not into the idea of e-readers). IN years past, I'd ever even considered audiobooks, until I started reading the "Stephanie Plum" books last year. I got most of then form the library, and one of them was not available as a printed book, but as an audiobook, so in order to read this one, I had to get the audiobook.  It was quite fun.  I've only listened to four other audiobook this year so far, but want to try more next year.  I came across a book on CD at my library last year called "The Monsters of Templeton." It's quite good, and if you like historical fiction, ghost stories, and/or contemporary romance, this story combines all of those, and is worth reading (or listening to, if you prefer).  

To join this challenge, sign up here.

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