Friday, December 21, 2012

Wish Lists: This Week's Assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers

Soudear santa

Here is this week's assignment from the League:

The big guy is on his way! What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? 

Gift cards seem to be popular.  You can find them for all different retailers on kiosks at stores such as Safeway.  I seems to be wishing for one every year,  especially as I pass by the aforementioned kiosk at Safeway.

I've gotten many in past years. Last year, I got one from Barnes and Noble.  As much as  I love reading,  it took me several months to spend the card as I was always having trouble deciding what tog et.  Years before the Barnes and Noble store nearest me (in Gilroy, CA) came around, I would of ten go to the Borders store in Seaside, CA for books and DVDs.  I last went to that store in the summer of 2010, not knowing it would be my last visit ever.  With B&N having come to a closer town,  and with having to commute to Gilroy for work, getting to Seaside was hard to do (think of gas!), so going to Borders was hard.  The lady at Borders even asked me if I had tried the B&N store. I had, but was unable to find what I was looking for.  Anyhow, long before the B&N store had opened in Gilroy,  I recall getting at least one Borders gift card.

TargetGiftCardOne year, I received cards for Safeway, Kmart (yes, I still have one of those), Rite Aid,  Subway, and Target--all favorite places of mine.  This year, I'm hoping for at least one of those, and one from Barnes and Noble, as there are many books I'm hoping to read soon, and possibly one from Lane Bryant, where I've been going recently to get certain clothing items :-) I've actually gotten a early present this year, a Target card,  which I've already used. The DVD of "Rock of Ages" was on sale at Target two weeks ago, as was that of "Moonrise Kingdom."  I saw both of these movies over the summer and loved them both, so I snagged both of them while they were on sale.

I've also, in past years, received the gift cards from the different credit card companies, though in my case I've only ever gotten the VISA ones.  They also make these for Mastercard and American Express. These can be used anywhere that accepts the credit cards.  If you're looking to give someone a gift card but am not sure what store(s) or website(s) to get them for, try one of these or this--the My Choice Card from Safeway.  The buyer chooses the amount, and the recipient exchanges the card at Safeway for one or more cards their choice (if choosing more than one, the value of each must add up to the amount on the My Choice card).  These are always good stocking stuffers.


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