Friday, December 7, 2012

The First Week of December

Now that it's December, it's getting time for Christmas.  But we all know that :-)  Thanksgiving was great as I went to see "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2."  Sad that this will be the last movie f the series.  Since the next "Hunger Games" movie will be out next year before Thanksgiving,  I will probably go to see it then.  And then then do the same the following year when the next two come out (the film based on the last book will be in two parts, as "Twilight" had done), so it looks like I've got something to see for the next three Thanksgivings!   I had four days off for Thanksgiving weekend, but did not start on Christmas stuff then, as I spent all the weekend doing laundry. I was glad to have more days for laundry.

Here's what I've done for Christmas as of yet.  The Tuesday after Thanksgiving I bought the present for my family's Christmas game at Barnes and Noble. Last Saturday, on the first day of December, I put up my fiber-optic Christmas tree I've had for about 11 years now. I then strung the Christmas lights over the kitchen sink window (see the picture).  I sent out Christmas cards this past Monday.  I got an early Christmas present  --a Target gift card.  And I got myself something today, some sleepwear at the Lane Bryant Outlet store in Gilroy, CA today, for 50% off.  Now I'm just waiting to see if we will be doing Secret Santa at work this year. Likely we will, but we haven't been told anything as of yet.

Today was my local NBC station's annual holiday drive, which I am watching on TV as I type this blog.  I always try to find a small toy or some food to donate to this drive as I like to make a difference in someone's life.  I bought a small book form the Dollar Tree two days ago to take to the drive.  Even the littlest thing makes a big difference for those who have very little.  I love this event and look forward to it ever year.

As of yet, this is all I have done for Christmas.

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