Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another Netflix Halloween Envelope

This one came today.  I really like this design.

I rented the first disc of Season 8 of "Friends," the lone season in which they had a Halloween episode. It ironically aired the day after Halloween in 2001, but only because Halloween was on a Wednesday that year.  I found it weird that in 10 years on the air there was only one Halloween episode, but that there seemed to be a Thanksgiving  and a Christmas episode each year (there was no Thanksgiving episode in Season 2, however).

I also queued the first disc of Season 5 of "Frasier" to see the Halloween episode that season, in which Niles hold a literary-themed party.  This was also the episode in which Roz finds out she might be pregnant.  I loved seeing Bulldog as Waldo, who Frasier and niles knew nothing about.  I expect to get this one next.

I was upset to learn that the second season of  "Family Matters" wasn't available for rent.  I would have rented that one to see the 1990 Halloween episode in which Urkel and Laura are held hostage during a bank robbery.  It's a very fun episode to watch.

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Wings1295 said...

Wish FRIENDS had done more Halloween episodes, too! Ah well.... Thanks for sharing the Netflix envelope. Love this one!