Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Candy Corn M&Ms

It seems like candy corn is finding its way into lots of stuff for Halloween. Even before this month started, I'd already purchased more than one bag of candy corn itself, and just recently found the Candy Corn Oreos that had been elusive last fall season.  I was compelled to buy another bag of Candy Corn at Target today, but then I remembered something else--the Candy Corn M&M that I had been seeing at Target.  I knew had to try these also. I also picked up a bag of another seasonal M&Ms flavor, the Pumpkin Spice ones, which I will blog about later. Today it's about the Candy Corn M&Ms.

Notice the package design, the red M&M guy in a candy corn costume with the signature "M" on it.  And a piece of candy corn  used for the "A" in the word itself.  Such clever packaging!

Next, here are the M&Ms poured into a bowl.  As you might have guessed, they come in orange, white and yellow.  I believe seasonal-flavored M&Ms are the only ones that come in white.  Have there been any other seasonal M&Ms in white, as far anyone knows?

And here I am holding one of each color in my hand.

Now as for the taste.  Well, I'd say they're not bad.  They taste a little different from regular M&Ms.
That's as best as I can describe them.


Wings1295 said...

I think they taste like the Cadbury Mini Eggs that come out at Easter time! :)

Jamie Ghione said...

Now that you mention it, they do taste like the Mini Eggs.