Sunday, October 27, 2013

Visited a Local Haunted House

It was great, and I felt the people who put it on did a great job.  Obviously, it was too dark to get pictures, so I'm describing ti as best as I can. Evil clown faces and hands sticking out from fake walls made of canvas. Scary characters popping out of coffins.  A scary man in a hockey mask, who I bumped into (literally, of course). Among other scary displays.  That about says it all.  I think you get the idea if you've ever been to such a setup.

This was my first one, as I come from a town where we don't have a lot to do--if you ever meet anyone from my town, just ask them this and they will agree. As far as I can recall no one in my town has ever done anything like this and it was fun too see. This wasn't one of those haunted houses put on by the local Jaycees (which our town doesn't have, BTW). Rather, it was put on by a local competitive softball team to help them raise money. I found out about this haunted house about two weeks ago when I spotted one of their flyers at a local grocery store.  I then saw that it would be taking place in a vacant building that once housed a local home appliance store that closed about five years ago. I felt this was good way for them to raise their money.  It was fun.  I would never have expected to see anything like this.  Here's hoping they'll do it again next year.

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