Monday, December 23, 2013

Romance Reading Challenge 2014

I had to do this reading challenge again next year.  I happen to read a lot of romances and this one encompasses all different types of romances as opposed to those challenges that just look at one kind of romance.   This is one that works just great for me.  I plan to read as many different kinds of romance as possible, including contemporary, historical, romantic suspense, paranormal, erotic, young adult and if I can find any, gay romance (can't seem to find a lot of those).  

To sign up for this one click here.   

Here are my books for this challenge:
  1. Gone Girl--Gillian Flynn
  2. The Night Circus--Erin Morgenstern
  3. The Lemon Orchard--Luanne Rice
  4. He Loves Lucy--Susan Donovan
  5. Dream Tide--Robin Lee Hatcher
  6. Lost Lake--Sarah Addison Allen
  7. Tangled--Emma Chase
  8. Love the One You're With--Emily Giffin
  9. The Black Opal--Victoria Holt
  10. Tangled Vines--Janet Dailey
  11. Little White Lies--Gemma Townley
  12. The Devil Wears Plaid--Teresa Medeiros
  13. A Touch of Crimson--Sylvia Day
  14. Dead Ever After--Charlaine Harris
  15. Dead End Dating--Kimberly Raye
  16. Magical Kittens--Donna Bell/ Catherine Blair/Joy Reed
  17. Daddy-Danielle Steel
  18. Mount Vernon Love Story--Mary Higgins Clark
  19. The One & Only--Emily Giffin
  20. The Sherbrooke Bride--Catherine Coulter
  21. The Hellion Bride--Catherine Coulter
  22. The Heiress Bride--Catherine Coulter
NOTE (11/23):  I still have a few romance novels that I plan to read this year (still working on the erotic Romance challenge), but the site hosting this challenge has been removed, and I've met my goal on this one,  so I will call the Romance complete.  Hoping to find a different challenge for romance reading for next year.


jmisgro said...

I might have to enter this one!! LOL

The Bookworm said...

Thanks for joining and happy reading!

jmisgro said...

Check out this list -

Jamie Ghione said...

I've looked at these lists--it's trying to find the books that's hard.