Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reading Outside the Box Challenge

And this one now too.  Again the categories in this one are similar to and overlap with those of the two previously mentioned challenges.  To sign up for this one, click here.

reading outside the box

Please feel free to use the chart on your posts. Just link back here!
Participating is pretty easy.
  1. You have all of 2014 to read a book for each square.
  2. A book can only count for 1 square. There will be 25 books for this challenge.
  3. The books read for this project can come from other projects you’re participating in: school, review books, other challenge or events, books for fun.
  4. If you blog, keep a post/page for the challenge. Update the post/page when you read a book for the challenge with a link to your thoughts/review of the book. Make sure to state which square the book counts for!
  5. If you feel like it, write check in posts every few months. Update us on how you feel about the ‘new’ books you’re reading.
  6. I’ll keep a page here for people to add review links to. It would be nice to see how others are feeling about the challenge.
That’s it! Hopefully by the end of the year we will be more adventurous in our reading.

Here are my choices:

1.  Read a Chunkster:  Through a Glass Darkly--Karleen Koen

2.  Graphic Novel:  Fullmetal Alchemist (Vol 1-3)--Hirou Arakawa

3.  Mystery:  Takedown Twenty--Janet Evanovich

4.  Middle Grade Fiction: The Gospel According to Larry--Janet Tashjian

5.  Self-Published:  Miracles and Grace in an Unlikely Place--Charisse Tyson

6.  Reading By Ear:   Water For Elephants--Sara Gruen

7.  Poetry or Novel-in-Verse:  Love Bites: Poetry in Celebration of Dogs and Cats--Floyd Salas

8.  Accidentally Watched the Movie First:  The Devil Wears Prada--Lauren Weisberger

9.  Fantasy:  The Maze Runner--James Dashner

10. Relive the Magic:  A Wrinkle in Time--Madeleine L'Engle

11. Gathering Dust:  And Then You Die--Iris Johansen

12. Young Adult Fiction:  Divergent--Veronica Roth

13. Try a Classic:  The Professor--Charlotte Bronte

14. Award Winner:  No Laughter Here--Rita Williams-Garcia

15. Biography or Memoir:  A Stolen Life--Jaycee Dugard

16.  Science Fiction:  Messenger--Lois Lowry

17. Loved By Others:  Gods in Alabama--Joshilyn Jackson

18. Historical Fiction:  The Postmistress--Sarah Blake

19. Lost in Translation:  First Snow on Fuji--Yasunari Kawabata

20. Romance:  He Loves Lucy--Susan Donovan

21. Picture Book:  The Day the Crayons Quit--Drew Daywalt

22. Second Chance:  High Noon--Nora Roberts

23. Contemporary Fiction:  Gone Girl--Gillian Flynn

24. Non-Fiction:  He's Just Not That Into You--Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo

25. Adult Fiction:  Tangled--Emma Chase

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Tanya @ Moms Small Victories said...

This looks like a fun challenge! Good luck with your reading and thanks for sharing.