Monday, June 4, 2018

Chapter Break Bingo – June 2018

Here is the new card for June.

Click on the card to download (or right click here and save-as).
Mark up the card however you wish to claim the squares.
Here’s a recap for clarity (with specific dates for example):
June 4 – new bingo card available
July 2 – Julie and I will post our June completed bingo cards. You can link up your bingo cards in this post
July 3 – new bingo card available
August 2 – Julie and I will post our July completed bingo cards. You can link up your bingo cards in this post. We will also be posting the June winner of the most squares in this post.
And so on and so forth.

My Books:
  1. Her Secret, His Baby--Tanya Michaels (4 squares): Father/Father Figure, Short (Under 300 Pages), In a Series, Library Book
  2. Girl With a Pearl Earring--Tracy Chevalier (4 squares): Physical Book, Not a  New Release, Jewelry/Gems, Accent
  3. Queer, There and Everywhere--Sarah Pager (3 squares): Free Space, Royalty, Wedding
  4. Incantation--Alice Hoffman (4 squares): Audiobook, One-Word Title, Apprentice, Not in a Series
  5. The Broken Road--Richard Paul Evans (2 squares): Road Trip, Depression/Anxiety
  6. Disney Manga: Tangled--Shiori Kanaki (4 squares): Graphic Novel, Dress on Cover, Unusual Pet, Missing/Disappeared
  7. Kill All Happies--Rachel Cohn (1 square): Graduate
  8. The Temporary Bride--Jennifer Klinec (1 square): Shelf Love
  9. Mary Barton--Elizabeth Gaskell (1 square): Free Book
  10. Lovestruck Summer--Melissa Walker (1 square): Summer Fling
25 squares completed on June 23


Elephant's Child said...

Good luck - and have fun.

Sandra Cox said...

Looks like another fun Bingo Game.

Julie S said...

Wow you got all 25 squares? GOOD WORK!