Sunday, December 30, 2018

2019 Nonfiction Reading Challenge

I want to do this one again, even though I've already signed up for the nonfiction bingo challenge.

I know this is a little late to announce a challenge, but I will be hosting a nonfiction reading challenge in 2019. I mostly want to provide a place for you to share your nonfiction goals and to chat with other nonfiction readers. To make that possible, we’ll have three twitter chats throughout the year, plus optional email reminders. Goals will be flexible and up to you. Sign-ups will be open through January 30th.

Suggested Goals

Rather than suggest particular levels for this challenge, I’ve got a couple of ideas for different nonfiction reading goals you could set for yourself.
Let me know if there are other types of goals you’d suggest and I’ll add them to the list.
Here is what I am reading:
  1. Quicksilver Chronicles--Frances K. Woods
  2. Wasted--Marya Hornbacher
  3. Educated--Tara Westover
  4. Kabul Beauty School--Deborah Rodriguez
  5. Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?--Roz Chast
  6. Who Was Walt Disney?--Whitney Stewart
  7. Hidden Figures--Margot Lee Sheerly
  8. Gangsters & Gold Diggers--Jerome Charyn
  9. I Have Lived a Thousand Years--Livia Bitton-Jackson
  10. World War I--Adriane Ruggeri
  11. How the Internet Happened--Brian McCullough
  12. Radical Sanity--Elizabeth Wurtzel 
  13. Just Between Us--Mario Lopez
  14. The Zookeeper's Wife--Diane Ackerman
  15. She Wanted It All--Kathryn Casey
  16. Letters From Madelyn--Elaine K. Sanchez
  17. Roses and Radicals--Susan Zimet
  18. Courage to Soar--Simone Biles
  19. Bright Lights, Big A**--Jen Lancaster
  20. Creatocracy--Elizabeth Wurtzel
  21. Integrated Robots--Erik Richardson
  22. Titian--Stefano Zuffi
  23. Eat, Pray, Love--Elizabeth Gilbert
  24. The Collected Essays of Katherine Anne Porter
  25. The Astronaut Wives Club--Lily Koppel
  26. This Book is Gay--James Dawson
  27. Americanized--Sara Saedi
  28. Astral Weeks--Ryan H. Walsh
  29. When Breath Becomes Air--Paul Kalinithi
  30. My Horizontal Life--Chelsea Handler
  31. The Mothman Prophecies--John A. Keel
  32. An Unquiet Mind--Kay Redfield Jamison
  33. Sweet! The Delicious Story of Candy--Jane Love
  34. 1930s: From the Great Depression to the Wizard of Oz--Stephen Feinstein
  35. Night Flying Woman--Igantia Booker
  36. Becoming--Michelle Obama
  37. The Magnolia Story--Chip and Joanna Gaines
  38. Me--Elton John
  39. Tales of a Punk Rock Nothing--Abram Shalom Himelstein & Jamie Schweser
  40. Clothes and Crafts in Victorian Times--Philip Steele
  41. Grammar: Know Your Sh*t or Know You're Sh*t--Joanne Adams
  42. Dewey's Nine Lives--Vicki Myron
  43. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down--Anne Fadiman
Challenge completed on December 27

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Elephant's Child said...

I read a lot of non-fiction. And it is often stranger (and more fascinating) than fiction.