Saturday, December 22, 2018

DDRR Reading Challenge 2019

I now want to do this bingo card challenge, completing as many categories as possible.

2019 Reading Challenge

 Here is what I am reading:

  1. Local Author: Quicksilver Chronicles--Frances K. Woods
  2. Woman of Color: Journey to Topaz--Yoshiki Uchida
  3. Nonfiction Text: Wasted--Marya Hornbacher
  4. Won a Literary Award: Hello, Universe--Erin Entrada Kelly
  5. A Debut Novel: Red Earth and Pouring Rain--Vikram Chandra
  6. Own But Haven't Read Yet: Prom & Prejudice--Elizabeth Eulberg
  7. Set in the Country You Live: And We Stay--Jenny Hubbard
  8. Set at a University Campus: The Female Persuasion--Meg Wolitzer
  9. Feminist Text: Hidden Figures--Margot Lee Shetterly
  10. Being Made Into A Film: The Rosie Project--Graeme Samson
  11. Classic Text: Don Quixote--Miguel de Cervantes
  12. Collection of Poetry: The Holy Forest--Robin Blaser
  13. Religion or Culture You're Not Familiar With: I Have Lived a Thousand Years--Livia Bitton-Jackson
  14. Highlights Disability: So B. It--Sarah Weeks
  15. Recommended by a Friend: The Mysterious Benedict Society--Trenton Lee Stewart
  16. Just Want to Read: The Carnival at Bray--Jessie Ann Foley
  17. Makes You Laugh: Click Here--Denise Vega 
  18. Published in 2019: Opposite of Always--Justin A. Reynolds
  19. Biography or Autobiography: Just Between Us--Mario Lopez
  20. Didn't Get to Read in 2019: Letters From Madelyn--Elaine K. Sanchez
  21. Novel By a Non-Binary Person: I Wish You All the Best--Mason Deaver
  22. From a Series You Like: The 17th Suspect--James Patterson
  23. Published Posthumously: When Breath Becomes Air--Paul Kalinithi
  24. Passes the Bechtel Test: The Jane Austen Book Club--Karen Joy Fowler
  25. Language Indigenous to Your Land: Malinche--Laura Esquivel

Challenge completed on October 24

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

I couldn't read any of the categories in this challenge. Either the image or my eyes are blurred.
Have fun with it though.