Friday, March 20, 2020

Glad to Have Hoarded Some Books

If there is one thing I have been glad to have hoarded, it is the books I have at home. Now that the library is shut down till April, I have time to read what I have at home. The hoarding of books goes back several years. Many of them have been there forever! And there are few I acquired recently, the ones at Kmart (before its closing in February) and a few from Goodwill in the last month or so.

But I'm having a hard time deciding out of all the books I have. Something I seem to already do. I have been trying to read more from home and now I have to. Last Friday, I returned a stash of books I'd borrowed from the library, with the plans of reading from my own stash for a while. Who knows now how long that "while" will be. Why do I seem to find books I want to read at stores, then have trouble deciding when to read them? Or wait years to do get to them? I'm guessing I am not alone on this.

But even as I try to make my way through my books at home, I discovered how to read them online through the Northern California Digital Library. So far, I have only borrowed one book this way and have several on hold, many of which have a waiting period of "about six months." I never really got into reading e-books until recently (don't have an e-reader, but have other ways to read ebooks).

One thing I'm glad about is that I don't have a lot of hoarded books so as to make my house look like what is seen in the photos below:

I cannot imagine areas of my house looking like this.  I don't know what I would do if this happened. Some of the stacks of books in the pictures look about ready to fall over.


  1. Chuckled when I read your post. I am a hoarder of books as well - so have lots to read now that the library is closed til mid April, probably. Enjoy!

  2. I am a book hoarder but haven't (yet) got to those levels. Most of them are still in bookcases (albeit stacked two deep).

  3. I'm getting close to one of those pictures. I'm building a new set of book shelves which will alleviate a big part of the problem. I've pulled out two Stephen King paperbacks. Now, the question is am I tough enough to read them. I love his writing but his stories scare the h e double hockey sticks out of me.

  4. That would be a lot of books to deal with:)
    I love my kindle.

  5. Can you imagine trying to find a specific book in one of those piles?