Friday, July 31, 2020

Some Things This Week

Another month over. It still can be hard to tell what month or season it is right now, though today is the last day of July. And the weather in my area has made it feel like summer.

Some things I have spotted this week on the web:

Totally agree on this. I am also glad this did happen when I was in school in the 1980s, when there was no Internet. Some people didn't even have a computer then as they still cost thousands of dollars. I cannot imagine how things would have been handled then. Kids then worried about not getting to have the same lunch period as their friends and thus not seeing them at school. Now kids most can't see each other at all, except on Zoom, something we did not have in the 1980s. No cell phones then either. 

As far as late fees went for me, I always made sure to return my vidoes to Blockbuster on time. I gave up on that store when I got Netflix in 2007, from which I still get DVDs. Our local Blockbuster closed in 2011.

I never did either of these, but I just had to share this. I  only wonder how kids are handling not getting to see their friends or if they are really overjoyed at not having to be at school without getting in trouble 🙂 Someone who saw this on Facebook pointed out that weed is still illegal for those under 21 as well as the fact that kids can't be with their friends, so are they really "living the dream"?

Who wishes this could happen? As I said, in the '80s there was no Internet and no cell phones. Would anyone want to go back to such a time? 

I'm still hanging on in these uncertain times. Trying to find things to do each day, but am mostly reading and going on the computer. I'm trying ot come up with some art to do and some writing. At the cener each week, we have been doing a writing group on the one day that we are meeting. I pick a topic and those wishing to participate will do so, and reading what they write is optional.

All my sunflowers have opened. Here are new pictures. 

And one last thing today--Today would have been the 53rd birthday of Prozac Nation author Elizabeth Wurtzel. The writer passed away earlier this year. RIP. In April, I reread one of her other books, More, Now, Again.

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  1. Love your sunflowers.
    What did you think of More, Now, Again.
    And no, I wouldn't go back in time either. Not willingly anyway.