Friday, March 18, 2022

Recent Facebook Reminders

When looking at my Facebook memories this past week, I came across two from this week in 2020, when the pandemic had just begun:

Now hand soap is running out. Though I have enough for now. And why does everyone seem to be buying 2% milk?

In recent months, I've not been going to bars, restaurants, or malls and now I *have* to stay away from it all. No going to the library now either, but that is one I enjoy doing. Began reading books I already have at home, which I have been trying to do anyway. 

When I went to get some 2% milk the morning of March 16, 2020, I could only find a small jug. It wasn't long before 2% was again readily available, though. And of course it was months before hand soap, hand sanitizer, wipes and toilet paper became available again. I keep flashing back to when the shelves at stores were mostly empty. Though now cat food seems to in short supply. And it's an item that's needed in our house. Now when I see hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and such readily available, I have to resist the urge to buy more than I need. I didn't hoard the stuff then, and I won't hoard it now!

As far as going out has been, I am glad to be able to go inside the library again. I went two months in 2020 unable to access the library until the curbside pickup started in June that year. In 2021, patrons were once again allowed inside, at first for short periods. But now we can go inside as long as we want, as long as COVID protocols are followed.

Some restaurants in my town are allowing customers to order inside, and some allow dine-in. I've gone to some small malls nearby. I was upset to learn the Lane Bryant store in Gilroy next to Barnes and Noble has closed, though the LB store at the Gilroy outlet mall is still there. I'm hoping to go the outlets soon, as well as the used bookstore in Gilroy.

The bars are the only place I have not been back to. Fear of crowding and people not wearing masks are what is keeping from this. When I heard that a nearby bar Halloween celebration was starting again last year, I was hesitant to go and eventually decided not to. I had a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out), but was also was afraid of the unmasked patrons. I am now getting anxious to see how this goes this year. I do miss karaoke.

Even with the virus still looming, things are a bit different now from when it began two years ago. Still can't believe it's been that long.


Kay said...

I'm remembering back then when it was hard to find masks. A friend texted me that the CVS here had too many masks taking up space in their warehouse. Their neighbor came home with a bag full of free masks. It didn't make me want to go to get some because my son had already sent me 2 packages of masks after I'd already bought a package of 50 of them. They say we might need them again though since there is another variant on the loose.

Sandra Cox said...

I wonder if things will ever be 'normal'. Cat food is still on the short list here, but it's better than it was.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Sandra Cox said...

Hope your day was productive and your evening pleasant.

Sandra Cox said...

Have a great one.

Ann Bennett said...

Covid has really been a drag. I've lost a few friends and two relatives to Covid. I have been vaccinated and wear a mask. I hate, I mean hate being sick. The mask also helps with all the pollen in the air. My allergies have been under control. FOMO is real. I would love to get out more.

Sandra Cox said...

Enjoy your weekend.