Thursday, July 21, 2022

It's That Time Again...

 Earlier this month, these displays began showing up at Dollar Tree (I like to take advantage of back-to-school sales to get notebooks and pens for myself. I just got some packs of pens 2 for $4 at Safeway):

And just a while ago this began appearing at the same store:

 And I was reminded today on Facebook that this is coming:

I haven't seen this yet, but I know it won't be long now. I still can't believe it's getting closer to that time. 

The still uncertain state of the virus has me wondering what the holiday landscape will be like this year. Will going out for Halloween be safe? I avoided it last year since the virus was still looming then. We are now open longer hours at the center, so maybe will will get to do more for Halloween this year (it's on a Monday, BTW), besides watching a movie like last year--this took up nearly the whole time, since were only open two hours then. I'm sure we can do more, as long as we do it safely. It's still early to be thinking about this, but it will all be here faster before you know it. 


Sandra Cox said...

I'm usually not in a big hurry for fall, but it's been sooo hot.
Have a great weekend.

Kay said...

Halloween? Oh my gosh! It feels so far away. We haven't had children going trick or treating in such a long time in our neighborhood.