Thursday, September 21, 2023

Barbie Costumes

At least I think that's what these two Goodwill costume displays are supposed to be.  They were on the same rack, on different days.

The wigs on the rack look appropriate for Barbie and Ken. The male wig even looks a lot like Ryan's Gosling's Ken from the movie. The female wig incidentally, is labeled as  "Goddess Wig."

I'm now tempted to go the Barbie route for Halloween. I was already looking for ideas once I saw these pictures a friend posted on her Facebook and Instagram after seeing the movie in our home town. I now suspect this will be a hot costume this year. Over the summer, I got a new swimsuit top and bright pink skirt that might just work for this 🙂

And here are some "Barbenheimer" costumes that I found, worn by movie goers during the films' release week. Could there be more of these come October?

There are Barbie Box costumes for sale, but I could never wear one of those. 

Here is one suggestion for dressing as Oppenheimer. And this is what came up when entering  "Oppenheimer costume" on Amazon. I don't anticipate seeing a lot of  Oppenheimer outfits--do you?

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think you're right -- Barbie, Ken, and Barbenheimer will be the "in" Halloween costumes this year. Poor old Oppenheimer all on his own won't be -- too boring.