Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another Toy From One of My Past Christmases

This is one I remember getting I believe in 1979, when I was eight.   After reading this blog entry today, I saw the Toys "R" Us ad and in it was Baby Be Good,  a baby doll I got one year.  I began to have something of a recollection of this toy a while ago, so it was strange that it turned up in in something in another person's blog today.  Here is the doll (cut from the ad):

To view the rest of the ad, click here.

All I can really remember about this doll was that she came in a yellow polka-dot sleeper that was unremovable.  Her thumb was shaped so it could stuck into her mouth.  She came with a bottle with fake milk.  You would squeeze her stomach when she sucked her thumb or drank her milk.   The ad above says she also kisses, but I don't remember how that worked.   I can't seem to find info on or photos of this.  

I had a few baby dolls as a girl, including one I believe was a drink- and-wet kind, though I don't know what it was called.  And I'm not sure what other ones I had.  I remember hearing about this one, though I never had it.  Why I never asked for it I don't know, it sounds like something I would have wanted.  Here is a commercial for this doll:

And even though I remember Baby Alive, I never asked for one. I can just imagine how carried away I would have gotten trying to feed her and make her soil her diaper and then getting upset because I ran out of the play food mix. I guess I saved myself from all this by not having this toy. I could not help enjoy watching this Baby Alive commercial:

The girl smacks the baby's behind because she needs a clean diaper! LOL!

I remember having a Baby Alive coloring book, in which a girl named Kathy yearns for this doll. She checks her piggy bank and sees she has just enough money. She tells her dad, "I'm gonna buy a doll."  On one page is the caption "Find Baby Alive," with the doll pictured among other dolls and toys on the store shelf.  Later on the girl is seen "Getting acquainted" with the doll; "Getting Wet" (she's playing with the doll outside and it begins to rain); taking the doll with her to back-to-school night and to the burger joint.  "I like your doll, Kathy" another kid from school says.  "What a  cute baby" says the man at the burger joint.   A friend comes over and one page we see Kathy's dad telling her friend, "Time to go!' This is as much as I ever had of this one. 
I also remember seeing this one advertised: Baby Wet and Care.  Rather than just wetting her diaper after drinking water from a bottle, she--wait for it--got a rash on her bottom.  She came with  fake baby lotion that made the rash go away.  How I ever escaped wanting this one I'll never know.   I remember the commercial,  which can be seen in this set of commercials on this clip:

Yeah, baby doll makers  really tried to show little girls what being a mommy is like. 

I just wish I had more info on Baby Be Good. I seem to remember a commercial for the doll, but nothing on You Tube. 

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