Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another year almost gone

I was to have tomorrow off, but now have to work to get all the boxes in the warehouse open in time for inventory next Tuesday.  We always have inventory after New Year's, but I'm glad it hasn't, as of yet been, on my birthday, January 11.  I'll only be working for a few hours, though, and will have Saturday off.   Inventory is always a dreaded time for those of us who work in retail and I've been through that industry since 2001.  But right after the holidays has to be the worst time for this.  Can't wait for that to be over.

Meanwhile, here is how my Christmas weekend went.  My Christmas Eve with the family and our dinner(with lotto tickets placed at the table) and our white elephant gift game.   My cousin ended up with the present I bought--an ice-pop maker from my store.   I ended up with hot chocolate mixes from Starbucks.  My regular presents from Mom were "The Simpsons Movie" on DVD (I hadn't seen it since it was in the theaters in 2007 and fell asleep when Fox aired it on Thanksgiving night), and gift cards from Target, Kmart, Rite Aid, Safeway and Subway. So far I've only been able to use the Subway one (one of the Subway is across from the park in which I live).  Been waiting for the post-holiday shopping to die down before attempting to use the others.   Walking into Kmart on Christmas  Eve while drying my laundry at a nearby laundromat was an unsuccessful attempt to use my Kmart one, as there were too many people at the store that day.  I've been too busy to get to some stores since Christmas ended and am wondering how busy it will be on New Year's Eve and how many stores will be open on New Year's day, a Saturday.

Christmas Day I was at home all day, except to cash in my lotto ticket from the night before. I'd won an other ticket, but nothing from the second one. It rained most of the day.  The day after was horrible as I suffered from a nauseating headache and was in bed most of the day.  Monday was back to work, with the Christmas music gone from the intercom.  Our Christmas merchandise is now half off and Valentines merchandise has already been arriving and getting displayed. 

It seems to have gone by fast.  Tomorrow I expect one last Netflix movie for this year (arriving tomorrow) and to hear neighbors shouting and setting off fireworks before midnight.  No real plans here and I don't know if the karaoke bar is having anything.  And It's expected to storm on Saturday as 2011 rings in.  

Can't believe it's almost over.  

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