Monday, December 6, 2010

A Candy for All Seasons

What do you think of candy corn?  I always find myself eating some as it comes out each year.  I won some candy corn for Halloween this year in a karaoke bar contest.  The yellow, orange and white kind, of course and the Indian Corn variant.  Both sell the biggest during Halloween time. 

But candy corn isn't just for Halloween anymore.  It also comes in other color schemes appropriate for other holidays.  Right now the Reindeer Corn variety is in stores for the Christmas season.  I bought some today at work.  We seemed to be out of the the Jelly Belly bagged reindeer corn, but did have some reindeer in small tubes from Williams Bennett, seen in the picture. 

Other holiday colors include red, white and ink for Valentines Day.  I know we'll be getting this one soon, as Valentines items begin arriving as soon as Christmas gets nearer and the Christmas merchandise shipments begin to dwindle.  It could just happen any day now.  And when Valentines day nears, Easter items will start pouring in, including the pastel-colored candy corn.  I know I will be tempted to buy both of these varieties once they come in.  

Some holidays, however get shafted as far as candy corn goes.  No green-and-white for St. Patrick's for instance as far as I have seen.  And as often. Thanksgiving gets shafted, though the Indian Corn comes close.  But Indian corn is more common for Halloween.  And according to this link there is a red, white and blue version for the 4th of July, something I have never recalled seeing.  I have often wondered if such a thing ever existed:
Summertime brings lots of sunshine and lots of patriotism in several countries. In the United States, seasonal candy corn with a red, white, and blue motif often become available just as spring gives way to summer, and continues to be available all the way through to Independence Day. As a little extra to sprinkle around Fourth of July picnics and buffet tables, this seasonal candy corn is a quick treat for anyone who is waiting for the hamburgers and hot dogs to leave the grill and come to the table.

I don't know why I have never seen the red, white and blue ones.  Are they perhaps only available in some regions?  No images could be found through Google.  Let em know if you've ever seen these, please. 

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