Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Valentine's????

This was the title of a blog entry I wrote last year and now the Valentines items are arriving at work for this year.  At least this year the Valentine stuff is arriving a little later than last year, but what is arriving is Jelly Belly  Valentine candy. Candy for a holiday that is less than two months away?  Is anyone going to eat candy hearts, Valentine candy corn and red and white malt balls now, instead of Christmas candy?  And some linen items, kitchen towels and pot holders, for Valentines.  And yet Christmas stuff is still arriving with the holiday just over a week away.  And our store's Christmas display is being reduced down, with garden items taking over the front displays.  

Every holiday item is arriving early each year (two to three month before the fact), something I've rambled on about many times.  I haven't gotten my calendar for 2011 (need to get on that soon!) yet so I haven't seen what date Easter is on next year.  But those items' arrival can't be too far behind.   Oh no....

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