Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Errands

In the past I have rambled on about fear of having to go the grocery store on the eve of a major holiday, and have referred to those who do as as either someone who puts off  shopping till that day or someone who unfortunately runs out of  necessary items that morning.  Well, I had to go to to the grocery store today but I had another reason that somehow escaped me earlier--not being able to go earlier in the week because of having to work all week and getting too tired for grocery shopping or other errands.  This is what happened to me today.

I knew to avoid Safeway because it's the store everyone goes to in my town.  I drove past them several times today without even bothering to glance at the parking lot.  I knew it would be crowded.  Savemart, on the other hand, is never quite as busy  as Safeway, even the day before a holiday. So it was Savemart today.  It had a number of shoppers, but was far from crowded, not the way I envisioned Safeway being today.   The Savemart parking lot had plenty of empty spots and there was barely any pushing and shoving in the store. The worst that happened almost bumping another person's grocery cart and it wasn't even that bad at all. 

And getting groceries wasn't the only errand I had to do today.  My exhausting Christmas-week work schedule put me behind on laundry as well.   This was done before my grocery run.  My mom kets me use her machine and clothes line, but rain is expected tomorrow (it rained in my neighborhood throughout this week as well), so it meant going to the laundromat to dry my clothes.   And I had to make two trips to dry two loads of laundry. 

I went to laundromat I'd only been to at least once previously. It's never busy and is in the parking lot across from Kmart.  Only two other people came to the laundromat today and during my first load, I walked over to a liquor store nearby to get a soda and the lady asked me if I needed help.  Just looking, I said, then let on that I was drying laundry.  "On Christmas Eve?" she asked.  I replied that I didn't have time until today because of work.   During the second load I walked over to Kmart since it was the only place nearby with a bathroom. I then looked around in hopes of spending my Kmart gift card (one of my presents today), but I just wasn't in the mood for shopping with all the crowd at the store.  

Once the laundry was dry I headed to the store as mentioned already, then home to check email, Facebook and write this blog.   

Have to go now.  I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy holiday season.  

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