Saturday, January 5, 2019

Chapter Break Bingo – January 2019

Here is the new card for January.

Mark up the card however you wish to claim the squares.
Here’s a recap for clarity (with specific dates for example):
January 5 – new bingo card available
February 2 – Julie and I will post our January completed bingo cards. You can link up your bingo cards in this post
February 3 – new bingo card available
March 2 – Julie and I will post our February completed bingo cards. You can link up your bingo cards in this post. We will also be posting the January winner of the most squares in this post.
My books:
  1. Quicksilver Chronicles--Frances K. Woods (5 squares): Shelf Love, Siblings, Outdoor Activities, Repercussions, Competition
  2. Journey to Topaz--Yoshiki Uchida (4 squares): Library Book, Physical Book, New-to-You Author, Not in a Series
  3. Wasted--Marya Hornbacher (2 squares): Diet, Free Space
  4. The Isle of the Lost--Melissa De La Cruz (9 squares): In a Series, Start a Series, Dystopia, Magic, YA, Made into a TV Show, Super Powers, Cold Weather, Ghost/Spirits/Ghouls
  5. Educated--Tara Westover (1 square): Audiobook
  6. The Improbable Theory of Ana & Zak--Brian Katcher (1 square): Multi-Word Title
  7. Nine Perfect Strangers--Liane Moriarty (1 square): Over 400 Pages
  8. The Secret Life of Eva Hathaway--Janice Weber (2 squares): Re-Read, Free Book
25 squares completed on January 31

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  1. And I have never played any sort of bingo. I am obviously missing out.