Wednesday, January 9, 2019


I wanted to read New Adult, but the challenge for that genre I did last year was not being offered. This was the best I could find.  I plan to read mostly new adult, but might get daring. I have read 50 Shades.

So this is pretty much a reading challenge created on a whim when I learned that last year’s New Adult Challenge hosted by The Girl Who Read Too Much was no longer running this year! I tried looking for other NA reading challenges, but they’re kinda *ehrrmm* really challenging! Haha!
I kinda wanted something low-key, something that will push me enough to read, but won’t be too demanding a reading challenge. Thus, the birth of Smutty Reads 2019 Reading Challenge! 
I swear to you, this is the easiest reading challenge ever, especially for those of you who read a lot of New Adult and Smut!
The ONLY RULE? READ SMUT! That’s it! And reward yourself with a title and a badge at the end of the year! 

  • For starters, all entries must be under the New Adult/Smut genre.
  • The challenge will run from January 1, 2019 until December 31, 2019. Basically, you will have a whole year to read and re-read you favorite NA books, discover new smut authors, and plainly bask into the hotness our beloved genre can bring!
  • Declare to the world that you’re participating in this challenge via a blog post, a tweet, an IG post/story – whichever platform you prefer, really. ❤ It’s basically to let other people know that this challenge is actually happening ~teehee~ and that some might still wanna join!
  • Share your TBRs, progress, and reviews by using the hashtag #SmuttyReads2019Challenge.
My Books:

  1. Nine Perfect Strangers--Liane Moriarty
  2. The Secret Life of Eva Hathaway--Janice Weber
  3. Wolfsbane--Andrea Cremer
  4. The Female Persuasion--Meg Wolitzer
  5. All That Glitters--Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
  6. The Neighborhood--Mario Vargas Llosa    

NOTE: The blog hosting this challenge has been deleted. I am now calling this one done.


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