Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Just One More Pa(i)ge Reading Challenge 2019

I know it seems like a lot more, but I just couldn't resist this one. Many of the monthly prompts are right in my league.

January: Mental Wellness Month – read a book addressing mental health issues or by someone with a mental health illness:
Wasted--Marya Hornbacher
February: Black History Month – read a book by an African-American author:
Not Without Laughter--Langston Hughes
March: Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month – read a book by or about someone differently-abled:
Speak--Laurie Halse Anderson
April: National Poetry Month – read a book of poetry:
The Holy Forest--Robin Blaser
May: Asian Pacific Heritage Month – read a book by an Asian Pacific author:
The Inheritance of Loss--Kiran Desai
June: Pride Month – read a book by a writer who is LGBTQ+:
On a Sunbeam--Tillie Walden
July: 4th of July Political Woke-ness in the US – read a book that would fall under the #resist category (a stretch, perhaps, but I feel good about it):
Roses and Radicals--Susan Zimet
August: Women in Translation – read a book by a woman that has been translated from its original language:
The Tale of Genji--Murasaki Shikibu
September: Constitution and Citizenship Day (Sept 17) – read a book by an immigrant/refugee:
Americanized--Sara Saedi
October: Bullying Prevention Month – read a book centered around friends/close relationships:
A Corner of the Universe--Ann M. Martin
November: Nonfiction November – read a nonfiction book (bonus point: if the book is by an American Indian author, as it’s also American Indian Heritage Month):
Night Flying Woman--Igantia Booker
December: End of Year Happy Days – read a rom-com or other positive feels book (to end the year on a positive note…also, we have fun “naming” this month):
Sugar and Spice--Fern Michaels & others

Challenge completed on December 5