Sunday, January 25, 2009

The new Mtn Dew logo

Ys, they're now abbreviating Mountain Dew as Mtn Dew. See the new logo here. Now what is the reasoning behind this? Did they see a need to abbrieviate the word "mountain"? It's not as if users are going to pronounce the word any differently. Some agree the abbreviation isn't necessary. Is the word "mountain" out of style? I had to laugh at that one. "Mtn Dew" reminds me and others of text messaging. One person remarked this about the new logo:

The Mountain Dew brand has been repackaged and is now dubbed “Mtn Dew,” in another transparent attempt to appeal to youngsters. PepsiCo decided to employ txtspk in branding this very popular product. Do they truly expect this new name to catch on in popular culture? The folks at PepsiCo need a reality check. No one in their target demographic will ever send this message over SMS:
“bf just got a mtn dew for me - fyi this stuf is great idk why i didnt try it sooner lol!”
Note to PepsiCo: no one in the prized 18-25 demographic is going to change their MySpace profile name to “mtn dew me”, no matter how cheeky the new name is intended to be.

(The full story with the quote above is at this link.)

"Mountain Dew Me"? has anyone ever used that as a MySpace profile name? hmmm. A few months ago, I saw a T-shirt in a novelty store that said "Mount and do me," parodying the then-current Mountain Dew logo.

Here is one comment on the new name made on this site:

My comment to Mountain Dew (apparently denies the existance of Mountain Dew ...):

On my last shopping trip I noticed a new packaging for Diet Mountain Dew, indeed for all Mountain Dew, using what appeared to be "LEET" speak for the product name, specifically "MTN DEW." I had to move several boxes of this newly branded product to find "Mountain Dew" without this idiotic spelling. Needless to say, I am most unhappy with this new branding and will be avoiding the purchase of it. I quite understand that it is the same product, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to purchase something that I consider to promote illiteracy as does this new brand.

Some might have abbrievated Mountain Dew while sending text messages in the past (if anyone actually texted something about the drink), but is that really a reason to abbreviate the name on the label? And should someone stop buying the stuff because he's annoyed by the new logo? If he likes drinking the stuff, then why let a new logo stop him from buying it? I think that's plain silly. BTW, I only rarely drink Mtn Dew (hey, just writing it the way they're writing it now!) and I absolutely hate Pepsi.

And this man might just find some remaining stock of Mountain Dew in the old packaging. I'm still finding Coke and Diet Coke in the 2008 Holiday-themed cans. I believe I found one in the vending machine at work sometime last week, I saw a co-worker drinking a Coke can in the holiday can.

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