Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is This What They Mean by "the June Gloom"?

It sure has been strange weather this year in my neck of the woods.  In January it felt more like spring than winter.  Now for the last two days in June there has been un-summer-like weather.   Yesterday it rained.  No rain today, but the sun hasn't exactly been out all day either, just off and on.  It's been somewhat cold today.  The last time I recall it raining in June in my area was in 2005.  It rained so hard that June in fact, that the rain leaked through the roof at the store I worked at at the time.  As I also remember form that year, it rained at least once every single month.   Strange that I can remember how much ti rained seven years ago, but that right now I can't recall how many times it's rained this year so far. LOL!  But I now wonder if we can expect rain later on in the summer since it didn't rain rained very little in the winter.

In January, it seemed weird not to have my jacket on, but there would be times when it would be too hot for the jacket.  Putting my jacket on yesterday during the June rain, however, felt weird, as my jacket usually gets hidden in the closet at this time of year.

Will there be more rain this summer?  I hope not.  Wait for winter, please.

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