Tuesday, June 26, 2012

League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Patriotic Pop Culture

patriotic pop culture
This week's assignment from the League:

Next week, the League will be taking a break to honor the Fourth of July, so the purpose of this week’s topic is to get you in the holiday spirit:
Patriotic pop culture. What movie, TV show, comic book, etc. makes you want to stand up and salute Old Glory?

I got to thinking about something I always want to do when any holiday comes along, but rarely have time to do so: make desserts for the holiday.  Working often makes me too tired for this.  But even when I do, July 4th is one holiday I don;t normally consider for such.  I'm always desiring to make  a pumpkin cake for Halloween or a some Christmas cookies.  But rarely do I think of making desserts for July 4th.  
I recently got addicted to Pinterest, as have a lot of people, and one boards I created is Holiday Stuff, with photos of holiday desserts and decorations.  I also created a board called Desserts That Look Good, and wonder if I ever will make any of those either.  (This board is for non-holiday-themed desserts, and is something I'd like to blog about later).  
I surprised my self with some of the Forth of July desserts I pinned onto the board.  With the day almost a week away, I'm not sure if I will even think of making any of them.

Spangled Sandwich Pop.  This seems easy.  

  1. First, skewer mini ice-cream sandwiches on popsicle sticks. Then, press the exposed filling into a plate of sprinkles or nonpareils.To keep mess to a minimum, serve the pops in colorful cupcake liners. To keep mess to a minimum, serve the pops in colorful cupcake liners.  

Another dessert that looks tempting to try. I have the cake pan, but will I have the time?

Source: indulgy.com via Jamie on Pinterest

As for other stuff, well I'm not sure why I pinned some of the things I did.  Some seems a little out of my league.  I'm not into cheesecake, for instance, yet somehow I decided to repin this:

Source: myrecipes.com via Jamie on Pinterest
There are other July 4th desserts I pinned, but that is all I want to discuss. You can see them on my Pinterest page (links above).  My whole story is I often want to make something like these, but rarely find the time and energy.   I don't know how others do it, when they have children and I don't.   It always seems like a good idea when you first see it. 

And I don't yet know what I am doing for the holiday this year. 

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