Sunday, September 29, 2013

Candy Corn Oreos

The Candy Corn Oreos still in the bag, on the counter.
They eluded me last year, but yesterday at Target I found the Candy Corn Oreos and snagged a package.  Why they were so elusive last season, I don't know, but this season I got my first taste of the things.  When checking out at Target, the cashier asked how they tasted, so I had to tell her I hadn't yet had any of these things.  When I got home, I tried a few and hey tasted all right, not much different  from regular Oreos. But it was fun to try them and you can be sure I'll get me hands on them whenever I can, next year, if not again this year.  Who knows how long they will last this year on the store selves. Perhaps this is why they eluded my last year.
A whole Candy Corn Oreo, and one with the top removed,
showing the orange-and-yellow cream in the middle.

And speaking of elusive candy, this how the black cat Peeps candy has been for a few years now. I saw these Halloween versions of the Peeps several years ago, but have not seen them since.  The ghost and pumpkin Peeps seem to more common and I have already seen those in stores.  But where have all the black Cat Peeps gone?

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