Monday, September 16, 2013

League Assignment: Yard Sale Find

The find. What was your best/favorite yard sale or flea market find?

To the League: I'm baaack, and I'm first this week.  That's a first (no pun intended).  

Friends (1994) Poster

I'm not all that into yard sales.  I pass by many of them while driving around town, but rarely have time to stop.  I live in a mobile home park and often see several of the home owners having yard sales.  Only once so far have I ever stopped at one, and it was one Sunday afternoon while walking a cross the street to the grocery store across the street from the park.  Among other things, the man was selling DVD for $2 each.   One I saw was Season One of "Friends."  I snagged this one.   It was unfortunately missing the first disc, something I did not know until I got home.  Still it was an interesting find, the last thing I'd expect to find at a yard sale.  Guess I need to hit more of them! 

FYI, I now have three of the ten seasons of "Friends" on DVD.  For my birthday one year, some co-workers at my former place of work gave me Season Four for my birthday that year. And later that same year, I still had some money left on gift card from Barnes & Noble, so I used to buy Season Seven. I chose that particular season because this was in 2009 when TV was transitioning to all digital, and my local Fox station (which was carrying "Friends" repeats at the time) wasn't coming in at the time.  They  were on Season Seven repeats then. 


As I said earlier, I'm first this week so stay tuned for more League posts this week. 

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