Friday, September 20, 2013

Why Christmas Now?

Here is what I have seen over the last few days at my hometown Kmart.  Nothing new, as it seems to be this way every year at this time.  And I know I've ranted on this in past years.  I mean, it's the end of September, and some people haven't even decorated the house for Halloween.  I don;t intend to until next week sometime in order to have it up by the first of October.  And I still haven't decided on a costume yet. I don't want to out off that decision until the last minute, even though it's till more than a month.  I've got too many ideas right and can't seem to narrow them down!   And once again, I will be one of the bloggers in the yearly Countdown to Halloween.   Can't wait for that to begin!

All this being said, the last thing on my mind is Christmas.  But that's just the way retail is. A lot, if not all retails begin putting out Christmas before the calendar even switches to October.  So far, however,  I've only seen Christmas at Kmart and at Dollar Tree, even earlier than at Kmart.  My hometown Target, just up the road from Kmart, just barely got Halloween up about a week ago, pushing the discounted back-to-school items to the back walls.  And it seems weird seeing these fake Christmas trees in a middle section of Kmart near the aisles of Halloween costumes, accessories and decorations. It's like a real nightmare before Christmas!

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  1. It is the same here in Lima-Perú. Halloween stuff is behing Xmas stuff... in September!!!!