Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Sample of My Writing

I thought I'd share a sample of what I had written for my class to see.  I've been trying writing prompts to try to get some ideas for my book, trying to tie most of them into depression.

One writing prompt I love is "Retelling a Tale."  This can be done many ways, one being writing the story from another character's point of view. Saying what happens before or after (kind of a prequel or sequel) is another, as is setting the tale in a current or modern setting. I tried the last one, or sort of  :-)  Read below the images:
I now want to read this book,
since one of my challenges
is fairy tale retellings.

The Story of a Modern Day Cinderella
Same with this one.

I amy use this a part of the fictional elements, if I choose that route.

The young girl who looked like a princess sat in the psychiatrist's office, expressing why she was there.
"I've been treated like a servant," she said, looking very depressed. "After my real mother died, my father remarried, then he died, leaving me with that awful new wife of his and her two mean daughters." Tears fell from her eyes.
"They made me do all the work," she continued. "They wouldn't let me go to the ball. But then my fairy godmother appeared and granted my wish and when I got there, the prince was madly in love with me.
"But I had to leave before midnight before the spell wore off, and I lost my glass slipper." She paused.
"Did all this really happen?" the psychiatrist asked.
"No, it turned out to be an awful dream. When I awoke, I wanted to harm myself by cutting or making myself fall down."
"I can see you are very depressed," the doctor observed.
"Yes," she agreed.  "What can I do?"
"Well, it seems you may need  some medication.  We'll start you off on 10 mg of Prozac." He entered her information into his computer.
Later that afternoon, she picked up her prescription, to be begun the following morning. She read over the papers she and her doctor had signed and the notes from the pharmacy.  It was just the beginning of her Prozac journey. 

Tell me what you think :-)

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