Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Some News

A year ago, I did a training class to become a peer mentor at the center I attend as a client of the county behavioral health department.   It's only a part-time position, twice a week as of yet.   I started working on January 22, but began teaching a class this week (the calendar had already been set up for January). for  On Mondays I will be doing a creative writing class. For my first session this week, I did fairy tale retellings. I will be off on the 15th (it's a county office so it closes for Presidents Day).

Another new mentor started a new class as well, on Spanish.  I decided to go to this one, even though I seemed to remember a lot of the stuff she was teaching us ;-)

All classes and activities are optional.  We have activity days for adults (26 and over) and for those ages 14-25, on different days of the week.   I've been going for over two years now and it has been very helpful and fun.

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Stephanie Faris said...

I'd love to learn to speak a foreign language. I took Spanish in high school, but two years of Spanish in high school don't make you conversationally literate.