Thursday, February 18, 2016

Working on My Writing

I pulled out a binder I had left over from college to begin writing memoir notes on loose-leaf paper.  I know it sounds a bit old-school, but I have a rather old computer.  Getting a new one does not appear to be in the cards or my budget and I don't know if a current flash drive will work with my old computer.  And my printer has not been working for some time now, for reasons I cannot detect.  So this is the best I can do for now.  And if I can't sleep, I can write some things then, if I choose.

I'm looking at recounting what things made me cry and fell depressed over the year--something of a journey to Prozac.  I'm starting to see all this the focus. It certainly is sounding like a memoir.

As a child, I would sometimes find myself writing stories.  But it got harder to do so when I had to concentrate on school work, which got harder in high school and in college.

After college I got back into the idea every so often. But slacked off again.  But now I'm getting back to the idea. I guess it's not too late.  My class I conduct is helping me as well as the others participating.

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