Saturday, October 22, 2016

What Makes You a True Writer?

The newest post on is titled:

10 Signs To Show You Are A True Writer

10 Signs To Show You Are A True Writer - Writer's

Here are a few points from the article I'd like to comment on.

The opening paragraph asks:
Do you ever wonder whether you can class yourself as a real writer? What makes one? Do you have to be a published author, or can you call yourself a writer if you only sit down to write once a month for an hour?
There are so many factors that go into what makes a writer great. Deep down inside however is the only way you’ll know if writing is your calling. It is never too late to start writing, so if you think you might be a writer, here are a few things to look out for to be sure you are a one at heart!
I have often had some ideas for stories, but have often had trouble writing them down. Sometime I've even been afraid to do do. This is something I'm trying to over some.

I agree that it it's never too late to start writing. Some people may not publish their first book until they are well over 40, which is true of me [I'm just going to leave at that ;-)].
Did you write as a child?
Many writers are often able to recall their passion for writing starting very early on. Did you always write stories when you were younger? This could be a sign that you were meant to write!
This is true of me. I recalled this in my memoir. Only some people I know knew this to be true of me. I began slacking off on the idea for some tine, thinking I'd never do to again. But recently I found myself wanting to do more writing, so I guess I was meant to do so. As I said it's never too late to begin writing, or in my case, begin again.  I'd begun my blog in 2008, but only now I have really gotten more into blogging and writing.  I guess it was in me all along.  Sometimes it takes some people longer to realize these things.

Do you love to read?
Always having a book on the go may simply be a hobby for you, but if you actually love reading, and can’t help finding yourself analysing the writing and story structure perhaps you want to give writing your own book a go.
Absolutely! Now I may try to do more analysis of the writing than I already do.  I didn't think too much of this until now.  Reading other people's is what made me want to write as a child, and I believe I still feel that way. After all, it was reading another person's memoir of depression that made me want to do my own. 

What points of the article do you agree on most?

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Stephanie Faris said...

When I do school visits, kids ALWAYS ask how they can become a writer when they grow up--the first thing I say is "read, read, read." Then, of course, "write, write, write." So if you do those, you're on the right track. Just "submit, submit, submit!"