Saturday, December 16, 2017

3 Ways Writing Can Relieve Stress


People are always looking for new ways to relieve stress. Yet, after all this time, there is still one method that works better than anything and that is writing. 
You might’ve heard that writing can help relieve stress but you’re unsure of how writing exactly helps. Look no further! I will be sharing with you three ways in which writing relieves stress. 

Form of Meditation
What is something that every high achiever has in common whether they’re a writer or businessman or woman? They each meditate.
Writing can be a form of meditation. When you meditate you want to block out the noise around you and be fully conscious of what you’re doing. By meditating, you open an inner stillness inside yourself. 

You can gain inner stillness from writing. Because when you write, you have to block out the noise around you and focus entirely on the piece. Your breathing will slow and it’s just going to be you with the words your writing (or typing) 🙂
When you get deep into your article, you realize that your creative impulses are taking overYou’ll be in a state of zen, not even remembering why you were stressed out. 

Get Your Thoughts On Paper
Each day we generate around 60,000 thoughts. Some of those thoughts can be stressful. To quell that stress, keep a journal for yourself. 
Each morning or night or both if you’d prefer, write what you’re thinking in a journal. By doing this practice each morning you will develop it into a habit. You will be able to get your thoughts on paper instead of keeping them in your head. 
The great thing about writing your thoughts each day is you can go back and see what you were thinking in certain situations and how most of the time, what you were stressing over never came true! 
You can start with a few sentences and then move onto a paragraph each day. 
You can release all the emotions that have been inside of you. 
Sometimes we can get really stressed out and getting your thoughts out instead of keeping them in may be just what you need. 

Take Your Mind Away
When you’re stressed about something, the best thing you can do is get your mind off whatever you’re stressing about. When you write, you can’t focus on writing and being stressed at the same time, it’s impossible. 
By writing, you’re taking your mind away from your stress. Even if it’s only for an hour, I can guarantee that you will feel better. You’ll have accomplished something and been in a meditative state. 
Sometimes we need to take our mind away to gain a fresh perspective on our life. 
We can turn small problems into big problems with the power of our thoughts and free time. When you choose to write, the new perspective you gain will allow you to see that you shouldn’t be stressing in the first place
When you write, you’re choosing to relieve stress. And when you relieve stress, you’re living a better and more fulfilling life.

I never really thought of it this way, but I do agree with what is suggested. There are still many thought I want to get down on paper that I haven't done yet. 

Last night I rewrote portions of the last chapter and the epilogue of my memoir. I was up late doing so, which has been atypical of me lately. Most of the time in winter, I get tired so easily after about being up for around 12 hours or so. But I guess the activity yesterday at our Christmas party at work made me a little more energetic. 

Once again, I want to take a break from my memoir and continue on my dairy novel set in the 1980s. I have some ideas for that one that I have not gotten down and need to!  I'm trying to get up to a moment that has already been alluded to in what I have written so far.  

Or I want to try something new just for a while. I keep trying with the idea of a fairy tale retelling (Side note: I'm sad that the fairy tale retelling reading challenge I did this year won't be happening next year. I've really gotten into reading these kinds of stories).


Elephant's Child said...

Isn't it interesting that something which can releave stress can often cause it too.

Sandra Cox said...

This was a good post. And it's true. We can channel our stress out of our system and into our writing.

Jean Davis said...

I love writing as a way to reduce stress. It helps me keep my stress level minimized - though big things still get in the way sometimes.

Funny how being inspired to work on a part of your book will outweigh sleep and your regular schedule. I'm usually out by 10pm lately, but there have been a couple nights that I've been up writing til midnight and beyond while I'm wrapping up this rough draft. Yay for inspiration and motivation. :)