Thursday, July 12, 2018

60s Party at Work

Here are some shots from our party last month at work. My digital camera broke unfortunately and I just learned how to upload photos from the memory card. I'm glad to have found this out.

This is something I have been wanting do for years and finally got to do so. I got the idea from this book, which contained a section on "How to Celebrate Your Birthday Like a Hippie." Having a "Save the Seals benefit," doing partner yoga or cartwheels, watching Free to Be Me and You, a puppet show, and checking watches and shoes at the door were not included as activities, but we did have the option to make flower headbands from ribbon and construction paper from the center. I came up this idea on the day of the event because I had wanted to make a flower headband at home, but did not have time to do so. I searched online for poems by Wendell Berry and copied them into my word-processing program, and made them into scrolls, and bought two packs of small plastic recorders from the party section at Dollar Tree. No one was sure where to find carob and our boss was unable to find tangerines. Stringing beads onto ribbon (our boss was unable to find string) was another optional activity.  

As we prepared for the party in the weeks and months before, we made posters, peace plates and construction-paper chains in art class for decorations. I guess paper chains were a thing then. 

Now the center wants to do another theme party. Some want the 80, some want the 50s and even some wants the 20s. No decisions have been made yet, but a lot of them seem to want the 80s the most. We are hoping to ahem one at the end of August, a month that a lot of our clients have birthdays.

The Wendell Berry poems and plastic recorders.

A construction paper chain and some of the posters
we made in art class for party decorations.

Another poster and chain, some "peace plates" and a
 drawing of a hippie bus.

Another paper chain.

My costume for the party. I found the tie-dye dress at
a local thrift store, and got the peace necklace from
another girl at work. and the flower headband I made
from ribbon and construction paper.

Group shot. 



Elephant's Child said...

What fun.
Here a health food store would be an easy place to find carob.

Laura said...

Unfortunately I am old enough to remember the 1960s so I don't need the book for party ideas. Perhaps you need some loud music and...ahem... oh I can't say it on a family website!