Friday, April 3, 2020

Chapter Break Bingo – April 2020

The April card is here.

April Bookish Bingo

My Books: 
  1. If You Could Be Mine--Sara Farizan (6 squares): Library, Ebook, Free Book, Romance, Feisty Character, Not in a Series
  2. Soul Surfer--Bethany Hamilton (5 squares): Shelf Love, Physical Book, Siblings, Not a New Release, Sun on the Cover
  3. The Poets' Corner--John Lithgow (1 square): Audiobook
  4. The Betrothed--Alessandro Manzoni (3 squares): Free Space, Historic Setting, Gold on the Cover
  5. Princess in Love--Meg Cabot (3 squares): Royalty, In a Series, Travel
  6. Reborn--C.C. Hunter (4 squares): Shapeshifter, Urban Fantasy, Angel or Demon, Vengeance
  7. Silent Spring--Rachel Carson (1 square): Set in Spring
  8. The Swans of Fifth Avenue--Melanie Benjamin (1 square): Book Club Read
  9. Twenty Wishes--Debbie Macomber (1 square): A Favorite Author

25 squares completed on April 21

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  1. Have fun. As always I am fascinated by just how many squares one book can cover.